Dr. Marek Czarkowski (cohort 1 fellow) and Tomasz Zimny (cohort 2 fellow) have developed, as part of their practicum projects, a web-based information service to provide reliable information to both researchers and research participants.

The service contains instructions for participants of medical experiments, including clinical trials. These instructions were prepared by experts in the field of bioethics and medicine. Additionally, the service contains relevant legal documents, translated into Polish, where appropriate. The Web site also contains a list and contact information of all bioethics committees currently functioning in Poland. Also, relevant acts of the Polish Chamber of Physicians are published. In the future, we plan to open an Internet forum for those interested in the subject of human experimentation ethics.

Although the service has its own internet address, (www.bioetyka.net), it is a part of a system of resources controlled by the Polish Chamber of Physicians. A direct link to the service is provided at the main website of the Polish Chamber of Physicians (http://www.nil.org.pl).

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