Nanomedicine in Russia – challenge for ethics,

challenge for patients

Belaletdinov, Roman



Ethics of palliative medicine

Silich, Tatsiana (Belarus)


Public bioethics debates and policy outcomes in Latvia

Mezinska, Signe (Latvia)


Existential experiences in medical practice 

Application of Principles of Bioethics in Moral


Silis, Vents (Latvia)  


Can bioethics change the value orientation in medical


Blazeviciene, A & Peicius, E.



A straight but bumpy path: Polish law concerning

Research Ethics Committees 

Zimny, Tomasz (Poland)



Polish Bioethics Committees

Czarkowski, Marek (Poland)


Toward a unified standard of “minimal risk” in research

Rosynska, Joanna (Poland)
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